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WuduMate Modulars installed in Madrid

Five WuduMate Modulars were installed in April for a ten day Islamic retreat in Madrid, which hosted many international guests.

Wudumate Modular footbath installed in Belgium

A great example of the WuduMate Modular footbath installed in a company in Belgium.

Video of the WuduMate Modular

We are pleased to share a video of the WuduMate Modular in action in a Mosque in the Netherlands. The video demonstrates how the WuduMate Modular is used for the Muslim ritual of Wudu, washing of a number of parts of the body, including hands, arms and face.

Wudumate installed in Canary Wharf skyscraper

A project was recently completed in the basement of a Canary Wharf skyscraper in London for a large financial institution, where both lady’s and men’s ablution area were developed to provide suitable facilities for the company’s 600 muslim staff.  WuduMate matting was an excellent accessory in both areas leading to a hand &  foot drying area.

Slate used in Islamic Centre in Moscow

An interesting use of slate rather than tiles of marble in this Islamic Centre in Moscow, Idaho in the USA.

Local community mosque installs WuduMate

The home of an Islamic association formed in the 1970s, this disused church was bought and converted internally to serve the thriving local Muslim community.

Owing to space constraints, the WuduMate Modular was an obvious choice for the committee – allowing the odd-shaped room to accommodate a large number of wudu positions without following a standard straight or corner configuration.

Mosque renovation completed with WuduMates

Graced with a complete renovation in 2013, the mosque, which was once two semi-detached properties, features a nine-position wudu khana on the ground floor for the men, whilst upstairs the dedicated prayer room for women is served by two WuduMate Modular units.

New Mosque installs full WuduMate range

This three storey new-build mosque has a main prayer hall on the ground floor and segregated teaching on the upper floors.

Completed in stages, the design has taken advantage of the entire WuduMate range with its showcase wudu khana adopting the WuduMate Modular to provide an ablution area fit for busy prayer times.

On the upper floor, the wudu room for women uses the WuduMate Compact and the WuduMate Classic is used in the male ablution area on the first floor.